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Gopi, Ex GP Asia's Staff

Dear All,

Today is my last day here at GP Outsourcing Asia. With a gratitude feeling, I thank you Boss Alan and Ms Eng for giving me an opportunity here. Thank you Chung for being an awesome Manager and selecting me for the CC role. I have learnt humbleness from you. 

Not to forget Mun and Kyra, (thank you for the gift 😇) and Hidayat, You guys are more than a colleague to me. We shared a good bonding in a short time. Farewell, mates. Keep in touch. 

Last but not least, Thank you Monica and Wong for being friendly colleagues.

I’m grateful to work with this company and all these talented people. Thanks for being so friendly and supportive to me. Best of luck, everyone. Goodbye and stay safe.

With Regards,

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