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Chin Mei Ying

To whom it may concern,

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please accept this letter as notice of my resignation from my position as Interpreter. My last day of employment will be 4th Feb 2022.

I received an offer to serve in another company as a customer service representative. After careful consideration, I realize that this opportunity is too exciting for me to decline.

It has been a journey working with you and your team. One of the highlights of my career was being able to help so many people in different countries to break their language barrier that I had never thought of. 

Special thanks to my team leader, Mezor who's always there for me. She's been kind all the while and a great listener to all her member's concerns. She definitely deserves a pay raise! Haha! Many thanks to Kyra as well, my direct superior from GP Asia. I still feel sorry for bothering her EVERYTIME early in the morning around 7am when she just woke up and weekends when Mez is off work. Hahaha! Yet, they still reply to my messages. I'm kind of forget the days while being in a night shift, please forgive me~ 

One more person, Alan, GP Asia's boss. Boss, I know that I have told you this, but I still want to tell you again. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be your part time recruiter. It's been a great pleasure. Although it's not long, I have gained experience and exposure throughout the journey. I have learnt how to filter resumes to look for appropriate candidates for the job. Thanks again. And uhm....boss, Kyra deserves a pay raise as well, she's good. Hahaha! 

Anyways, thank you LLS and GP Asia for putting food on my table for about a year. Thank you so much! I will refer the job to my friends if they are interested and who knows if i might come back again in the future! Love you guys and girls!



English-Mandarin Interpreter

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