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What are The Process of Recruitment?

The Human Resource department's main responsibility is recruitment. It is a procedure that includes finding, attracting, screening, shortlisting, interviewing, choosing, employing, and onboarding workers. These are the process of recruitment as a Human Resources:

  • Identifying The Hiring Needs

The hiring process should begin with determining the open positions and then examining the job requirements, including knowledge, abilities, and experience required for the position

  • Decide The Job Description

The duties and responsibilities of the job should be determined once recruiter are certain of the knowledge, skills, and experience required. Recruiter be able to identify the qualifications potential employees need to possess in order to fulfill the responsibilities of the position by creating a thorough job description. In this step includes determine the duties, and compensation or benefits that they earn

  • Talent Search

In this step, the recruiter start hunting the right talent. The most crucial elements of the hiring process are drawing them in and encouraging them to apply. The position should be publicized both internally to encourage referrals and externally on favored job boards and social networking sites such as Linkedin, etc.

  • Screening and Shortlisted

The recruiter must properly and quickly screen and shortlist candidates in order to continue the hiring process. The hiring procedure becomes complex and difficult at this point since they need to find the applicants that meet the minimum requirements.

  • Interviewing

After all the screening and shortlisted process, the next step is interview all the shortlisted candidates. Each candidate may have multiple interviews arranged, depending on the size of the hiring team and their particular hiring requirements. The interview process can be in several times depending on the company.

  • Evaluation and Offer of Employement

After finish the interviewing process, this step is the last in the hiring process, however, It's never a given that the candidate will accept your offer, so never assume it will. And in this step, the recruiter need to make an offer letter and every information in the offer letter should be explicit and straightforward, including the start date, the terms of the employment, the working hours, and the salary.

  • Onboarding New Employees

When applicants accept and sign the job offer letter, they officially become the employees of the company. In this step, it is important for all co-workers in the company make them feel welcome by making extra arrangements in addition to simply showing them around the workplace and ensuring that all necessary materials are on hand.

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