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All About GP Outsourcing Asia

We are more than just a conventional call center


Delivery Tracking Management System

Let us work for your customers by tracking their items, delivery status, complaints of damaged or missing items and giving immediate feedback via online chat


Ticketing System & 24×7

We take care of your customers’ complaint all days & nights including holidays. With a standby disaster recovery site ever ready, we ensure that our customer support services run with minimum interruption in the event of active production site outage

Human Resource Outsourcing

Your ongoing nightmare to recruit, train, manage your own staffs will be a thing of the past, once you outsource these tasks to us and it gives your management team more time to focus on & develop your core business.

Work Team Meeting

We are always happy to leverage our 10 years of call center experiences, talents & technology to empower your business. 

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Successful Collaborations

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