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GP Asia does not Charge a Fee

During the screening process or when inviting candidates for an interview, we do not charge/accept any money or a security deposit from job seekers.
Be aware that some unauthorised persons / fraudsters have issued bogus job offers in the name of GP Asia and deceptively similar fictitious businesses, domain names, email addresses, marks and logos in order to confuse candidates.
Never Share your Credit Card Information

GP Asia does not ask for your credit card information. If you are required to provide such information upon registering applying jobs, be aware that you are being scammed. Never give out such information and get off the site as soon as possible.
Official Communication Channel

All email interactions shall be sent from official email ids exclusively. is the only domain we have. Our official websites are, and
Spam e-mails are ones sent from deceptive sources with the purpose of defrauding people and illegally gaining confidential information and/or money.
Our recruiters my reach out to applicants or potential candidates via phone calls for screening purposes. However, be aware that we will never demand job seekers/applicants to pay processing fees or deposit amounts by sending bogus e-mails, making fraudulent phone calls, or in other ways.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our call centre number or reach us via LinkedIn

Fraud Alert: Welcome
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