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Contact Center Disaster Recovery Site

Key Benefits

• Your business continues to operate with minimal disruption
• Preserve business continuity
• Keep your lines of communication open
• Keep staff and customers informed

Key Features

  • Seamless redirection of calls and emails

  • Fast scripting and routing changes

  • Optional product or supplies receiving site

  • 24/7 automated respond and escalation

  • 24/7 live agent coverage

  • A readily 24x7 accessible facility to cater for your team to operate seamlessly

Contact Center Disaster Recovery Site: List

When disaster strikes and your company’s ability to operate is jeopardized, the users, buyers and distributors of your products in other parts of the world will still require timely and accurate communication with your company.Disaster response service to ensure that your calls and relay message will be answered, even if you and your staff are unavailable during time of crisis.

Contact Center Disaster Recovery Site: Text

Inform Caller

It can supply vital information to your callers, retrieve message and provide basic services with pre-recorded messages, voicemail and inbound Interaction Voice Response (IVR). Our easy scripting allows you to alter messages and menu option quickly as circumstances change

Plan Ahead

Emergency prepared programs are designed to ensure your business run smoothly in the event of emergencies or disasters. If your business or location are at risk, we can design a plan of action for you that is ready to be implemented immediately, guaranteed that your calls will not go unanswered

Open Space Office

When Disaster Strikes

Our Disaster Response Services can seamlessly redirect calls or email in the event of before or when disaster occurs. Our trained and dedicated agents take on the role of emergency communicators who can patch calls to anywhere, including employees home and cell phones

Contact Center Disaster Recovery Site: Features
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