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Contact Center Shared Services

GP Asia offers Inbound & Outbound Calls (& Emails) Shared Services. Calls & Emails are manned by our own experience Call Agents 8x5 a day or 24x7 “Round the Clock” per clients’ business requirement. All inquiries will be recorded and analysed. We will provide reporting to clients on a regular basis.

Types of Services

Inbound (Voice Calls & Emails) Services:

1. To accept inquiries (calls & emails) on behalf of our client.

2. To record inquiries in Contact Management System.

3. To escalate inquiries to relevant 3rd party when necessary. For example : IT Helpdesk, Customer inquiries & complaints.


Outbound (Voice Calls & Emails) Services:

1. To promote client’s products & services on behalf of client (Telemarketing)

2. To schedule events and appointments on behalf of our client. For example : Tele-marketing, event management & appointment setting.


Fulfilment/Delivery Services:

1. To provide goods/gifts/prizes fulfilment/delivery services

2. To act as a collection centre for fulfilment services For example : Event / seminar management


Other Contact Centre Related Services:

1. To provide Short Message Service (SMS) Services.

2. To provide Social Media Network (e.g. Facebook) Monitoring Services.

3. To provide incident activity reporting. For example : Sample reports inclusive of SLA Response, SLA Resolution, Missed call & Number of closed calls.

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