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Contact Center Shared Services

Elevate your customer service with professional, dedicated, and shared customer care lines, equipped with bilingual service if needed. 

Delivering Superior, Seamless, and Secure Contact Center Experience

Running a successful business means putting customer satisfaction at the forefront. That initial interaction with your customers makes all the difference. It's about providing them with personalized, timely service that not only sets you apart from competitors, but also fosters long-term loyalty.


For over 13 years, GP Outsourcing Asia has been the trusted partner for dedicated incoming call lines, operating 24/7 for each client. We act as an extension of your brand, offering seamless, customized solutions supported by advanced technology.  We take pride in offering bilingual services, tailored to your needs, in English, Mandarin, and Bahasa Malaysia, along with comprehensive reporting, empowering better decision-making. With cost-effective, flexible pricing plans designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, we're committed to being your steadfast partner in delivering exceptional customer care.


Business Presentation

Inbound and Outbound Calls

GP Asia offers Inbound & Outbound Calls (& Emails) Shared Services. Calls & Emails are manned by our own experience Call Agents 8x5 a day or 24x7 “Round the Clock” per clients’ business requirement. All inquiries will be recorded and analysed. We will provide reporting to clients on a regular basis.

Types of Services

Inbound (Voice Calls & Emails) Services:

1. To accept inquiries (calls & emails) on behalf of our client.

2. To record inquiries in Contact Management System.

3. To escalate inquiries to relevant 3rd party when necessary. For example : IT Helpdesk, Customer inquiries & complaints.


Outbound (Voice Calls & Emails) Services:

1. To promote client’s products & services on behalf of client (Telemarketing)

2. To schedule events and appointments on behalf of our client. For example : Tele-marketing, event management & appointment setting.


Fulfilment/Delivery Services:

1. To provide goods/gifts/prizes fulfilment/delivery services

2. To act as a collection centre for fulfilment services For example : Event / seminar management


Other Contact Centre Related Services:

1. To provide Short Message Service (SMS) Services.

2. To provide Social Media Network (e.g. Facebook) Monitoring Services.

3. To provide incident activity reporting. For example : Sample reports inclusive of SLA Response, SLA Resolution, Missed call & Number of closed calls.

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