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Why GP Asia

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Here at GP Asia, we offer a 24/7 customer careline that supports both inbound and outbound channels. Inbound Channels include but are not limited to enquiries which employs the usage of ticketing tools for every calls/emails received. This allows for a guaranteed accountability when it comes to tracking and reporting on calls as well as matters related to such calls. The company also looks into handling feedbacks as well as complaints and requests, acting as a customer service role whilst also having the dual function of being a virtual receptionist. This allows our services to operate as an IT Helpdesk. With regards to outbound channels, GP Asia provides services such as collecting feedback as well as acting as a reminder for various licenses such as rent, lifts maintenance, parking assessment etc. additionally, we also manage our contractors work in progress as well as monitoring their performance. Moreover, we handle social media responses such as for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter in a timely manner whilst also providing 24/7 Live Chat Agent support. Additionally, we have a proven track record of recruiting as well as outsourcing foreign skilled workers when needed for clients that require language specifications such as Korean, Thai, Mandarin etc Furthermore, the services we offer usually come at a fraction of the cost as opposed to having an in-house call center/customer service staff/ tele sales team. As we operate based on ‘shared customer carelines’ GP Asia has the luxury of providing such services at a lower cost while increasing engagement with your customers. A contact center’s core competency is customer care services and as such we treat customer care as our top priority. By providing the latest CRM techniques as well as PABX systems, GP Asia assures consistent and accurate handling of customer contacts along with the aforementioned tracking and reporting capabilities. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that by employing the use of services such as the one’s GP Asia provides will help companies retain customers as well as improve brand loyalty.


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