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How would my mental health impact my job?

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Think about the relationship between your performance and your own mental health. You approach your work with good mental health when you're in good emotional and mental health. You're versatile, adaptive, and strong. You are able to handle obstacles. Your team benefits from the meaningful contributions you make, and both your personal and professional lives are successful.

However, even if it isn't severe, having mental health issues at work can have a detrimental impact on your job in a number of ways.

BPO & EOR in Malaysia, GP Asia - Mental health

1. Not being interested in one's work.

Insufficient mental health causes focus loss and demotivation. When we experience challenges with our mental health at work, our minds can wander or become fixated on our troubles, making it challenging to control our thoughts and emotions.

2. Performance at work and productivity will be affected.

High performance is the use of mental strength. Due to the difficulty in accessing the behavioural skills that create creativity and resilience, poor mental health can result in decreased job performance. We lack the psychological capabilities to carry out our tasks effectively without these skills.

3. Reduced everyday functioning and physical capacity.

Poor mental health has a significant impact on your capacity to function physically and in daily life, from social anxiety to a decline in cognitive function and working memory.

4. Poor communication.

When we don't feel emotionally healthy, it's hard to communicate effectively. Negative mental health can cause colleagues to be misunderstood or overreacted to. It could be perceived as bad attitude, poor listening skills, or passive-aggressive speech.

5. Making poor decisions.

Impulsiveness, negative thinking, and bad decisions can all be symptoms of poor mental health. Poor decision-making may result in missing meetings, arriving late, breaking promises, or failing to follow corporate rules.

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