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What Level of Control Do I Have Over Employees Hired Through an EOR?

Imagine this: You've just landed the perfect international hire, a coding whiz from Buenos Aires who'll revolutionize your app. But suddenly, your excitement is met with a brick wall of legal paperwork, cultural nuances, and a dizzying array of tax codes. International expansion can be exhilarating, but navigating the employment labyrinth of another country? Not so much.

That's where Employer of Record (EOR) services come in, like a friendly sherpa guiding you through the Everest of global hiring. But as you sip your yak butter tea and admire the breathtaking views, a question lingers: Just how much control do I actually have over these employees hired through an EOR?

What Level of Control Do I Have Over Employees Hired Through an EOR?

Most websites will tell you EORs handle the legal and administrative heavy lifting, freeing you to focus on, well, running your business. But let's delve deeper, beyond the glossy brochures and into the trenches of real-world control.

Now, let's dive into the nitty-gritty of EOR:

Day-to-day operations

You're the boss, plain and simple. You assign tasks, provide feedback, and evaluate performance. You provide tasks, feedback, and performance evaluations, just like you would with any other employee. The EOR is just there to make sure everything runs legally and smoothly in the background.

Hiring and onboarding

You set the criteria, interview candidates, and make the final call. The EOR helps you navigate local hiring practices and ensures paperwork is squeaky clean.

Company culture

You define the values, build the team spirit, and foster a positive work environment. The EOR acts as a cultural bridge, ensuring your values and expectations are communicated clearly.

What DOES EOR control?

Legal and administrative

The EOR handles all the legal paperwork, including contracts, visas, payroll, taxes, and benefits. They ensure compliance with local employment laws and act as the legal employer on record.

HR processes + Immigration and Visa Processing

The EOR provide HR expertise and guidance as needed with the Employment Law of the country. The EOR handles obtaining the necessary visas and work permits for the employee, if applicable.

Technology tools

The EOR may provide platforms for communication, collaboration, and project management, facilitating communication and teamwork across borders.

But here's where it gets interesting..

Training and development

While the EOR might not provide bespoke training programs, they can help you adapt existing ones to local regulations and cultural nuances. Remember, engaged employees are productive employees, regardless of their location.

Performance management

You set the goals, conduct reviews, and make promotion decisions. The EOR can provide valuable data and insights to inform your decisions.

Employee Benefits and Termination

The EOR administers the employee's benefits package, including health insurance, social security contributions, and any other programs offered. However, the employer or contractor can let the EOR know earlier their own requirements and the benefits or termination can be adjusted accordingly.

So, the answer to the control question?

.. It's a resounding "it depends."

You retain significant control over your employees' work and experience, with the EOR acting as your trusted partner in ensuring everything runs smoothly and legally.

That's where GP Outsourcing Asia comes in. We understand the complexities of global hiring and the delicate balance between control and partnership. As your EOR partner, we'll help you navigate the legal maze, onboard your talent seamlessly, and create a positive work experience for your international team.

Ready to ditch the paperwork and focus on what matters – building your global dream team? Let's talk. The world is your oyster, and your control is the pearl within. Now, who's ready to make some waves?

This article is part of the Employer of Record series that GP Outsourcing is doing, to provide awareness and understanding of the service.

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