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Fulfillment Services (Retail, F&B Industry)

It is time for F&B, Retail and Hospitality employees to deliver your "Brand Promises" to customers.


Now is the time to measure! 

Fulfillment Services: Welcome

GP Asia is a MSC Status company. We manage contact centre located at UOA Business Park, Shah Alam and currently operating 24hours x 7 days.
Our highly trained and dedicated 24hour call center agents provide first class services and are adept at handling any form of complaints and feedbacks.
An effective complaint handling system provides certain key benefits to an organization.

>  It resolves issues raised by a person who is dissatisfied in a timely and cost effective way.
>  It provides information that can lead to improvements in service delivery.
We can host any type of registration or reservation platform.
Compliance & Operational Excellence enable our customers to have a fresh in-depth look at their operation & compliances.

Fulfillment Services: Text


  • Investigate & Analyze the Complaints and Feedback

  • Accountability & Continuous Improvement though our monitoring tools

  • Process and record Complaints & feedbacks

  • Customizable reporting options

Our Services

  • Handling Complaints and Feedbacks on Service Quality, Food Quality and Cleanliness

  • Mystery Shopper Programs

  • Managing Social Network Platform Message Responses (e.g. Facebook, Twitter & etc.)

  • Reservations & Customer support 24/7

Fulfillment Services: List
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