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Are you suited for the Night Shift Work? Try our Quiz and Find Out!

This quiz, based on recent research and data analysis (2024), helps you assess your readiness for a night shift position. Be honest, as the results will provide an objective evaluation and actionable recommendations.

Are you suited for the Night Shift Work? Try our Quiz and Find Out!


Read each statement and choose the answer that best describes you. 

Circle your chosen answer and record the points based on the key below.

Point Key:

(a) +2 points: Highly suited for night shifts

(b) -2 points: Less suited for night shifts

(c) +1 point: Adaptable, suitability depends on other factors

Question 1 - Sleep Habits

Do you consider yourself a night owl, or someone who prefers to stay up late and sleep in?

  • (a) I'm a natural night owl, energized after 10 pm and easily sleep in until noon. (+2 points)

  • (b) I'm a morning lark, most productive before 10 am but struggle to stay up late. (-2 points)

  • (c) I can fall asleep and wake up at different times, but prefer a consistent schedule. (+1 point)

(Source: Randazzo et al., 2018; Roenneberg et al., 2003; Czeisler et al., 1999)

Question 2 - Adaptability

Do you have a flexible and adaptable personality, or someone who can adjust to different situations and challenges?

  • (a) I thrive in new environments, embrace change, and adjust quickly to different routines. (+2 points)

  • (b) I prefer predictability and consistency, finding it challenging to break from established habits. (-2 points)

  • (c) I can adapt with effort, but need time and structure to adjust to significant changes. (+1 point)

(Source: Carver & Scheier, 1998; Cloninger et al., 1994)

Question 3 - Self-Discipline & Time Management

Do you have a strong sense of self-discipline and time management, or someone who can follow a routine and prioritize your tasks?

  • (a) I excel at organizing tasks, maintaining routines, and sticking to plans, even during fatigue. (+2 points)

  • (b) I struggle with staying focused and motivated, especially when tired or facing interruptions. (-2 points)

  • (c) I can manage my time effectively with effort, but need tools and structure to stay on track. (+1 point)

(Source: Baumeister & Muraven, 2008; Zimmerman & Schunk, 2001)

Question 4 - Physical & Mental Resilience

Do you have a good physical and mental health, or someone who can cope with stress and fatigue?

  • (a) I maintain good physical and mental health, manage stress effectively, and rarely succumb to fatigue. (+2 points)

  • (b) I experience stress and fatigue more readily, which can impact my sleep and performance. (-2 points)

  • (c) I prioritize well-being but can struggle with stress and fatigue on demanding schedules. (+1 point)

(National Sleep Foundation, 2023; Wright et al., 2006)

Question 5

Do you have a supportive and understanding family and friends, or someone who can respect your needs and preferences?

  • (a) My family and friends understand my work schedule and support my needs for sleep and quiet time. (+2 points)

  • (b) My social life might clash with night shifts, potentially straining relationships or requiring adjustments. (-2 points)

  • (c) I can manage social interactions with awareness but need to communicate my schedule clearly to avoid conflicts. (+1 point)

What does your results say about you?

Count how many points you have and see what they mean below.

15-25 points

  • You are very ready for the night shift.

  • Your natural preferences, adaptability, and health awareness give you an edge.

  • Remember, maintaining healthy habits and social connections is crucial for long-term success.

5-14 points

  • You are somewhat ready for the night shift but there might be potential challenges.

  • You have some of the traits and habits that can help you succeed in a night shift job.

  • You may need some adjustments, but don't rule out night shifts!

  • If you choose nights, invest in self-care practices, build strong support networks, and monitor your health closely.

-5 to 4 points

  • You are not very ready for the night shift.

  • You have few traits and habits that can help you perform well in a night shift job.

  • Experiment with sleep schedules, prioritize consistent routines, and consider additional energy boosters like naps or light therapy.

  • Carefully weigh the pros and cons before making a decision, and explore alternative work schedules if possible.

  • If you choose nights, be prepared to implement extensive self-care measures and seek professional support if needed.

Tips for Working the Night Shift

If you want to learn more about how to work the night shift effectively, check out our resources for useful tips and resources and how to survive night shift!

Follow us for more content on night shifts jobs and careers. Thank you for taking the quiz!


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