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What are the Things to Consider When Choosing an Employer of Record (EOR) Provider?

Global expansion has become a prominent topic due to the development of technology and remote working conditions. Employer of Record (EOR) services are frequently taken into consideration by businesses when selecting the best expansion strategy. This makes it possible for companies to test out new markets and hire workers from other countries without setting up their own local entities..

By serving as the client's official employer, an EOR oversees the legal and compliance infrastructure. This makes it possible for them to manage every aspect of personnel management, including payroll, accounting, and compliance needs. Although many of the backend services are handled by an EoR provider, the client is still in charge of overseeing and managing the employees' daily activities. So we’ve collected a list of common questions and concerns to help you determine if an EOR is the right fit for your business.

Factors to consider before choosing an EOR

The EOR must be able to meet your expansion and business needs before you choose an Employer of Record partner. Before deciding to work with an EOR, consider the following factors to help you make the best choice.

Service offered by EOR Partner

Every EOR offers different services. Although there may be a lot of amazing and exciting service options, it's crucial to think about if they provide the services your company or organisation needs to make your expansion ambitions easier. For instance, certain EOR partners provide fundamental services that address your ongoing HR administrative needs.

The best course of action is to choose an Employer of Record who can manage your company's whole employment lifecycle. This covers hiring, onboarding, payroll administration, routine HR management, and assuring strict adherence to employment laws.

Global presence

Despite the fact that EORs typically offer worldwide employment services, some might not include the nations you are particularly interested in hiring and recruiting from. Your expansion goals can be in vain if you don't have a network presence in the nation from which you seek to hire. Therefore, it's crucial to learn about their global presence and network reach in the nations that your company is interested in.

EOR Reputation and Experience

It is advisable to check out a third-party organisation and make sure they are a good fit for you before working with them. It is crucial to collaborate with a credible and knowledgeable EOR partner due to the complex nature of HR administration and navigating the compliance landscape in several nations. Knowing who manages your company's information and how they function in the nation you intend to grow into is crucial.

Pricing Plans

Each EOR platform has a set pricing structure for its services. While some EOR providers charge a set amount for each employee, others base their fees on a flat percentage of that person's pay. Additionally, you must determine whether the EOR service's rate is appropriate for you at the stage of expansion your present firm is in. You can decide if the EOR partner is the best choice for you by having access to the appropriate plans and pricing details.


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